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up. a test to name a new pope is about to begin how the bay area is marking the moment. >> ♪ >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening it's monday march 11. this is bay area news at 7. a bay area wrongly convicted. new at 7, live at santa collar ra to explains how he land in prison and the people helped him clear. >> reporter: johnny william sets to the innot here back in 2006, today he finally has his freedom after more than a decade living wrongly accused. >> johnny william -- finally
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cleared by a judge after 14 years behind bar. his attorneys say he's finding profound meaning in every moment since it's long away in exoneration. >> right now he gets to aappreciate for the things that we got to appreciate for the last 14 years like listening to the sound of birds and crickets. that's why we do this work. >> in 2000 a jury convicted william for attempted rape for a 9-year-old oakland girl. he insisted he was innocent but during the tests the-- >> the analysts examined by the case, they did not look in a very big area of the fiscal evidence. >> william sent this letter to the northern california innocent project in 2006, the non profit team made initial inquiry and felt that he was a candidate for help
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but he did not have enough funding. >> that there was staff available to actually do a factual investigation of there william's case. >> the dna test in 2012 which cost about $50, 000 which proves he's independent. >> he's committed to rebuilding his lifer >> the team of faculties and students from the santa collar ra have helped to exonerate 14 people since 2001. the dna project is in danger of ending because of lack of funding due to budget cuts. ktvu channel 2 news. ross spent almost seven years in prison before the innocent project got the conviction over turned.
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false from sefrp several people. 28-year-old dennisunny vail was facing 3 counts of homicide. three people were killed of a mother and two sons. the suspect was not injured. san jose police are asking for the people help tonight investigating a ninth homicide for the year. police said the victim was pronounced dead at the sc aapparently of one gun shot wounds. >> something was heard, something similar to a gun shot, but again they're uncertain. they being the people that reported. >> the investigation was early so they don't have any suspect of possible motive t there is no
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indication that the killing is gang related. alameda high this afternoon, investigators say the principal received a phone call from a man that's locked in the restroom and armed with a knife. the police say they did not find anything, school was locked out at about 2:30. we are continue on the coverage of finding a woman in oakland. our ally -- tells us the new lead are giving the family hope. >> this surveillance video showing era -- the video brings erica's mother to tears. >> she looked happy. >> thursday morning was the
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timer ra's family and friends saw her. some local businesses have helped out by sharing surveillance videos. >> employees and the general politic. she looked up some information on san francisco park before she disappeared. >> and they're following and. >> oakland police would not talk about cameras on the case but did provt the update, investigators receive information that she was seen in west oakland after she was reported missing. her daughter did not leave voluntarily. >> she could not do this knowing that people would be looking for her >> it's parent's worst nightmare of not knowing. >> reporter: erica had been through the tougr
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, her friends and family said recently she's seen upbeat and optimistic in okay land channel 2 news. in connection with an innocent in dublin last month. through a tweet from the rapper who's real name isley. --ps for blasting a stair owe and driving a car that's not registered to him t. it stands by the arrest and seeking a misdemeanor charge. investigators say 21-year-old ran a red light before her car struck scot hicker son back in november. bar officials say they're resuing camera footage tonight to determine how long a
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homeless man was insid elevator shaft. this happened at 9:30 last night. the young identified victim was on top of the car along with some bedding materials. >> extremely dangerous, it's unusual and upsetting and disturbing the circumstance. >> which is usually locked shut. by the time they open the elevar door or the shaft but it was locked. ten new controversial ads ruled out today on san francisco busses. aalleged four mass murder of the tag line that's -- the latest of new york american freedom initiative of the lost center as a hate group. city
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officials say it's not worth litigating. we are now learning that repair work of the site of a mayor water break in san francisco that's taking months to complete. that repairs could take three to six months. the street would be close to traffic as it was today. on february 27th, water ruptured 20 homes and three homes have been red tagged. police say cadillac was traveling along high way 99 when it started slowing down. reports indicate that a big rig behind the car was not able to stop at the time and struck the cadillac. three people were killed in the car and another three was taken in the hospital. the u.s. gs -- quake hit
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before 10 a.m. about 20 mil palm springs. brad harper says he was trying to figure out how to get a to a more stable ground. >> anti- nuclear protester rallied in front of the downtown san francisco today demanding the closure of -- triggering sue nam my that killing -- >> the plans are so dangerous because so many people, so many people are still suffering. >> today memorial services held in tokyo, they come in site of the exact moment of the earthquake
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hit. the japanese government-- >> a daily dose of aspirin may help keep people from getting skin canner. those took a daily aspirin for more than 5 years have a 30% lower reus of -- to widen their study. a judge today struck down new york city controversial ban on sugar ri drinks. in containers larger than 16 outlines. the judge calls the law arbitrary. it only applies to certain sugar drinks. your likes on facebook may say more about you than you know. today without parol for a
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killing of a musician due wi, 21-year-old shot and kill tuck ter in 2010. tucker was shot and killed while driving to band practice. police say he was mistaken for a gang member. >> san jose raised its minimum raise today and we'll tell you how much and how much it helps the employees and the economy. >> how bay area catholics are marking the event. >> back here in just a few minutes. we are getting ready for a warm up now, how warm in the neighborhoods on tuesday, i will let you know. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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>> investigators are looking in
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what caused a fire in the home of oakland today. about 8: 30 this morning. it was heavy smoke coming from the home. firefighters extinguish the flame ruled out any injuries. the du dow open lower. before the mortgage melt down. >> there is -- the more confident we are the more people have gone and the more confident we have become. >> the including lower interest rates and solid corporate earnings. today it reach its goal. san jose reached its minimum rae
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from 8 to $10. the raise is also raising concerns. >> that raises its minimum wage from $8 to $10 an hour. af vigorous campaigned led my the student. >> i have enough toll help my dad out. he does not have to work two jobs out anymore, i can help out with groceries and rent. >> going out and get nicer food over the weekend. >> getting the estimated 63, 000 workers affected by the pay bump to spend the money is part of supporters over all strategy. >> due to the minimum wage increase so it's going to lift up the economy. >> some business owners have expressed concern of the pay height hurt their bottom line. says that boost of the business
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has a positive atmosphere which he calls crucial. >> workers are working harder and they're more positive. employees said it makes employees better employees, do you think that's the case. >> i cannot lie, knowing there is a little bump in it. >> some business owners say it would take more than one day or one month. >> in san jose robert, channel 2 news. british studies compare facebook data -- researchers say they saw patterns emerge in all areas. to marital status iq and even whether you smoke.
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listed san francisco xanga as it takes over yahoo. but, had a tough fourth quarter that's a lay off and flat revenue. investigators are looking at what's causing a u.s. navy jet that cause in the rural state today. during a routine training. department of defense officials say the aircraft was a da prower. it's taking off from the island. the identity of the crew are not immediately available. all staff members of the vatican take the secrecy ahead of the conclave right now in roam. kut
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bay area are watching the event with keen interests. >> this is monday afternoon mass at saint marie cathedral. >> o'malley, he's -- he's a very humble man. >> tomorrow the conclave meet in the sistine chapel. >> says this conclave holds more meeting for bay area catholics with former san francisco arch bishop. >> he's one of the 115 people so it's a tremendous honor for us and certainly for cardinal -- >> he says cardinal may bring
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more attention to american cardinals. somg have found near name discussed on short list as possible candidates. >> a couple of weeks ago, i would say no americans is possible. but now it's looking more and more like there is a possibility. >> the arch bishop of san francisco, all -- hold a special mass. the mass here at saint marie cathedral at 8:00 tomorrow. ktvu channel 2 news. espn and another media reporting that the baltimore ravens is trading receiver quan - was set to be upset. the ravens asked to take a pay cut. he was scheduled to earn $6 million
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in baltimore next season. saving a 12-year-old boy drowning you see there a human chaining. josh says he thought he was going to die -- kept losing his grip on josh and fear that he would drown as well. more than a dozen -- they all linked arms and they pull him to safety. bay area zoo is celebrating new exhibition. parts of the bay area should warm up by midweek. bill martin breaks down the full forecast. keep in mind that if you are on the go, you can still watch ktvu live on your phone or tablet, get the an or go to
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>> some children from low income family from san francisco got a little help for their vision this morning so they can be best at school. they also provide free eye exams for preschool children in oakland.
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all around the way we are enjoying this weather. >> we are looking for temperatures tomorrow warmer than they were today. highs today is 70s. 72 in -- so definitely warm out there. you can see all the activities out here. some possibly on the east coast from the major storm. for us no flight delays not an issue. what we do have in terms of weather is fog along the coast. we turn late tonight and early tomorrow morning so the fog is going to set us up for low visibility along the coast. 60 in oakland and -- that's pretty warm for this time of night and year. forecast highs tomorrow warmer still on wednesday, wednesday turns out to be the warmest day on the week so really dry and warm period coming up here. we are looking at
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temperatures as we go into wednesday in the upper 70s and 80s. the extended forecast call for temperatures to continue and even after wednesday. yellow are 70s. look at them all throughout the day many of them more than we have seen for a while. tomorrow is a warmer they than we have seen. wednesday is the warmest day that we'll see. the warming trend has be gun and it continues on. temperatures will come down a little bit but not that much. after wednesday like thursday or friday or saturday we are still in the upper 60s or lower 70s. 75 in santa ro suspect that you can find 80s tomorrow. most of us is 70s. wednesday is the day that we'll probably see some 80s out there. those 80s will show up in the form of -- forecast highs for
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the bay area weekend for the rest of the week, like i said it's kind of mild, there is no rain in the forecast and a little fog so dry as you go. >> thank you bill. over its newest edition, a sneak peak of three cas born six weeks ago. thank you for trusting ktvu news. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight we are going to show you a scene that take place right outside the bay area to see if you can help us
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identify -- >> doout ktvu news and weather available, any time you need it.
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